Friday, January 14, 2011

Fitness Friday

Check-in time!

I did pretty good this week. Two days of Upper Body Pyramid (Cathe Friedrich) again. I only needed one day of rest in between this time, so I'm probably going to ramp things up a bit next week and add in some lower body work. I also did some ab work on Wednesday and it still feels like I was hit in the lower ribs today (going to try for two days next week). Aaand, i got jiggy with my Wii Just Dance 2 a bunch of times (including last night when I realized I had forgotten to do it, and I really no longer felt like doing it, but I wasn't listening to any of my own excuses. Yay me!).

Nutrition: I'm on day, what? Eleven, I think, of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart and I'm doing well. I have not had any meat (no big deal. At all), eggs (a bit harder), or dairy (oh my gawd. There is ice cream in my freezer, people! And, I've yet to solve my no yogurt problem. This one is hard for me) for the entire time.

My saving graces so far have been all my homemade hummus recipes (yum!) and espresso with frothed soy milk (yum-mo!). I really need to prep and cook more, though. I've been doing a LOT of grazing...veggies and hummus, whole-grain bread and hummus, multi-grain crackers and hummus.... Eeee! I may be in danger of becoming sick of hummus.

So, plan for next week...
1) 2 day Upper Body (weights)
2) 1 day Lower Body (weights)
3) 4 days Cardio
4) 2 days Abs


Cook something good. Vegan good.

So, tell me,
are you doing something to take care of you this year?

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