Monday, January 3, 2011

21-Day Kickstart.

So the hubs and I went to Chapter's last week because, well, the girls were suddenly, surprisingly, being babysat and there's nothing like a trip to Chapter's sans kids! Hubs wanted a magazine and I usually check out tons of stuff: photography books, beading magazines, scrapbooking stuff, general arts and crafty stuff, fitness, pets, cooking, baking...ahhh...I love it all. I ended up picking up another vegetarian cookbook and happened to see "The China Study" there, too. I've heard this book mentioned many times and many people (including "The Biggest Loser" fitness guy, Bob
Harper) have said it changed their lives. I decided to pick it up.

Hubs began reading it, just to see what nonsense I was into now, basically, and he ended up not wanting to give it back! I'm telling you he is a certified carnivorous manly-man who, while he may like animals- that would never be a reason for him to give up meat. Ever. Well, he has now gone about a week with NO MEAT and very little dairy. Amazing!

Of course, this is all flipping fantastic for me since I hate eating meat. Now the veggies are just overflowing our fridge. We have two types of tofu. Our cupboards are stocked with an assortment of beans. There is no shortage of whole wheat pastas and an assortment of grains...we even have veganaisse (vegan mayo), soy cheese, and a bunch of non-dairy milks.

Hubs will never label himself vegan, or even veggie...he is just trying to eat a more healthy, plant-based diet. That sounds good to me, too. I may give up milk, and cheese...but I don't expect to stop putting honey in my tea, or throw out my leather shoes, or pledge some sort of allegiance to the vegan flag. Yet, I have started the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart today and, of course, so far it's going great!

My biggest worry was how i would replace my morning Tassimo latte. But, i picked up this cute little frother at Fortinos and, i'm telling you, the frothed soy milk on top of the Tassimo espresso is even better than the original version! It tastes less, I don't know, oily.

I was planning on posting the recipe for the delicious hummus i'm eating right now, but i've gone on long enough. I'll come back and post that soon. While it is very convenient...creating entire blog posts with one finger on my iPhone is tiring. I think I may need an iPad? ;-)

But that's another post.

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Ingredients for Life said...

The China Study is a great book. That's awesome about you and Hubby. Keep us posted.

Shan said...

Good for you D! Looking forward to more veggie updates.