Friday, February 5, 2010

Throwdown: Bliss!

Oh dear! What with my "Library of Memories" course starting up, and my continuing work on my website, I completely forgot about the Thursday Throwdown! But, they do tie in to one another (at least they do for me. At least partially).

So, here is this week's Thursday Throwdown (one day late):

Find your bliss...and follow it.

What is it that makes you really happy? What is the one thing that you would be willing to get up early to do? Or, what is the one thing that you don't even mind staying up into the wee hours to get done? What makes you happy? What makes you feel alive and purposeful? What helps to make you You?

Now...what are you going to do This Year to give that one thing a bigger, more important part of your life?

That's it.

Just think about it...
and once you know the answer, leave me a comment about it or a link to your blog post about it...
Because I want to know.

Life is Short.

How are you going to follow your bliss?

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