Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knowing Me - Knowing You / September

It's time for that monthly interview project know as Knowing Me, Knowing You - hosted by my friend, Shan, a.k.a. The Fairy Blogmother. Here are my answers...why dontcha' share yours, too, and then head on over to Shan's blog and sign Mr. Linky so we can get to know you better. :0)

1. What is your favourite smell?

Oh...that's tough...to pick an absolute favourite. I really like the smell of a wood fire. I also like the smell of a freshly brewed cup of java. Or even just a bag of coffee beans for that matter. And, as soon as the onions and garlic get thrown into a pan of sizzling olive oil...I'm drooling. But, my favourite has got to be the smell of my own whittle baby-one (especially when she is a little sweaty. Is that weird?).

2. Did you/would you/are you co-sleep(ing)?

I, personally (who else would "I" be??), am a huge fan of co-sleeping. Huge. My mom always told me that after I was born she was so afraid I might stop breathing that she kept me in bed with her at night. Maybe that stuck in my head, because from the time my kiddos were yanked out of me...they were staying in bed with me. I slept with them in my tiny hospital bed (well, they slept, I sat there holding them...while sitting up...all night...) and they slept with hubby and I once we got home. My plan was always 4 months in the bed, 2 months in a crib next to the bed, then into their crib, in their bedroom, at 6 months. We stretched that a bit with Colie because, well, she's just so darn cuddly. Hard to give her up when she seemed so at home between us there in her little spot.

Of course, this is just what worked for us. Dave is a light sleeper and I don't move...so the girls were fine there between us. And, just rolling over to feed a baby after she's just whimpered a little bit is so much easier than having to get up and go get her after she's had to cry for a bit on her own. I think it makes for a more secure baby and one that is better able to sleep through the night later on. She has grown up, thus far, knowing we are there for her and we will meet her needs when she needs them met. So, there is no need for a lot of crying or fussing. And...for us...it did work. We've had 3 really excellent sleepers.

Also, I have it in my head that the baby just hearing us breath...somewhere in her brain...triggers something to remind her to breath. That is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

3. Fall fair season is upon us, so what's your favourite fair food?

Huh? I don't think I've ever eaten any food at a fair. I don't think I could even tell you what fair food is. Maybe I just haven't been to enough fairs...? I'm usually so busy hanging out with the baby goats and cows that the rest of my family has to come back for me and drag me away when it's time to get going. I'm not even kidding. There is food at a fair?

4. Thinking about Christmas shopping yet?

Is it December 24th? Then, no.

5. What's your favourite colour?

I'm a bit of a girlie-girl when it comes to colours, I guess...I love pink and lavender. I am also a huge fan of a greeny-blue. We used to have this chemical that went into one of our chemistry machines at work that was this beautiful, beautiful, greeny-blue. That chemical is one of my favourite colours.

So...there ya' go. Getting to know me a bit better...and getting more and more scared all the time, huh? ;-)
And now...because every post is better with a picture...
here is Jamie and I...right here, right now!
(I've got Pinky tethered to run my laptop. Pretty cool, huh?)

Now let's get to know you! Head over to Shan's site now!!!


Shan said...

Okay no fair food and waiting to shop until December 24th? How are we even friends? I am with you on the coffee thing. I may not drink it, but I lurve the smell.

Julie said...

there are goats and cows at fairs? i'm there for the food! ;-)

Shan said...

Ahahahaha! Julie, you and I could totally hang!