Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Fun Night!

It's Family Fun Night here at The Mommy Project's house! This week's theme is "So Long Summer" and I've got a few ideas for celebrating our (almost over) summer-time before my oldest heads back to school on Tuesday.

Are you playing along with your family? It's not too late!! Mr. Linky will be going up on Monday for you to share your Family Fun Ideas - so you still have all weekend!

So, have fun! Hug a kid! Kiss a spouse! Pet a pet! And I'll see ya on Monday!!!

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Niqi said...

We're leaving on a road trip on Sunday so I'll miss this Mr Linky.

Have a fun party - don't forget to have some popcycles and ice cream. :)

Shan said...

Had a great Family Fun Night. How was yours?

Mommy Project said...

We had a lot of fun...I think I had too many "activities" planned, though (maybe we need bunk-beds).
Ha ha. one got that but you, right?

(Movie Reference Above: "Step-Brothers")

Shan said...

Did you do karate in the garage?