Friday, July 17, 2009

The Baby is Trying To SLEEP!!!

Little Nicole is almost 6 months old now and despite that fact, big sisters Maddie and Jamie still tend to forget she is around - at least they forget that when it comes time for her to try and have a nap. It (almost) never fails. She will just be getting sleepy and I'll put her down to fall asleep and.................... "AAAhhhh!!! Mad-DEEE!!!" or "Heeeeyyyy! Jayyy-Meeee!!!"

So, this past week when this happened Mommy here just about lost it.
"Get into your room right now! And, while you are in there the two of you can come up with 5 Good Rules for Behaviour in this house!"

Of course, we already have our rules of behaviour, but I just wanted to see what they could come up with. Plus, it kept them in their room long enough for me to calm down.

Once they were done I made them present the rules to me - just as if they were doing a presentation for class. They did quite well, actually. Here is what they came up with:

  1. No Fighting

  2. No Being Mean

  3. No Making Noise

  4. Keep Your Hands and Your Feet To Yourself

  5. Don't Make Fun {of others}

Not bad. Not bad, at all. And that little interlude enabled them to get all the rules nice and fresh in their minds...and gave me the time to remember how cute they really are...again.

Ya' just can't stay mad at those faces for long.


Shan said...

First off YAY! The MP is blogging again! Secondly I use the baby is asleep excuse here all the time and there is no baby here. Abby doesn't fall for it, but Maya is very serious about it and will shush us all so that baby get can some sleep.

Mommy Project said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!