Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knowing Me - Knowing You...the June Edition.

It is time again for that fun little interview project started by my friend, Shan, over at Tales From the Fairy Blogmother. If you'd like to play along, be sure to sign Mr. Linky over at Shan's site so we can see your answers and get to know ya' better.

1. Do you have any pets?

Yes. We have two dogs and a rabbit. We have a 13 year old corgi that I adopted while I was in school to become a veterinary technician...and he was in the animal shelter I worked at. Cutest little guy I'd ever seen in my life. And we have a 3 year old Newfoundland. After our corgi's buddy died (a border collie cross I also adopted while in school), we wanted to get him another friend who would be very good, and gentle, with all the kiddos in the house. She certainly is. "Bun Bun" was adopted from an animal rescue who saved her from some pretty horrid conditions at a Rabbit Meat Farm that was shut down by the SPCA.

2. What's your favourite dessert?

Well, the old stand-by would be ice cream but if you want to kick that up a notch then just put it on top of some pie that involves rhubarb in some way. Mmmm.

3. For my fellow bloggers out there - are you a stats checker?

A what? Apparently not. Didn't even know I had the ability to do that.

4. Do you have a gaming system?

No. I had a PlayStation back in my single days and quickly found out what a horrible time-suck that was. I prefer my computer for time-suckage now. For the kids...they need to go outside. No PlayStation, or Xbox, or whatever the heck else the kids are into these days. And, no computer for you, either. Do as Mommy says, not as...

5. What is your beverage of choice?

Wow...that is ~totally~ situationally dependent. I have a very strong, and deep, love for coffee. I have to have a coffee by 10 am or I get, um, a bit less cheerful than my normal happy-go-lucky self (i.e. I'll turn into a raving lunatic with a vicious headache). But, I usually only actually drink one coffee a day. The rest of the day, if I haven't totally forgotten to drink anything (normally the case) I like to just have water. Room temperature water. Or, if we are talking "adult" beverages...I love a nice, dry, red wine (pinot noir is swell) in front of the fire - or a nice, cold, Stella on the patio.

Thanks for the quiz again, Shan!
Always fun...just like you.


Shan said...

Mmmm rhubarb strawberry & vanilla ice cream. So yummy! Can't do the red wine (we had a falling out years ago & I'm still not over it) or the Stella, but I'm working my way through this rum slush pretty damn quick. Thanks for playing buddy!


So with you on the games and the computer. None of it. I deeply regret the hand held they each got for their birthday...until I'm running errands and they are stuck in the car all day.

I sometimes feel like they are behind other children on computer skills b/c we never let them touch our laptops. But, they can learn those skills quickly (like in a week) at school.