Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's Not Heavy

When Jamie was born Maddie was still a few weeks away from her second birthday and, I think, she wasn't quite ready to share her attention with a new kid on the block. That is to say...she couldn't really stand her. She didn't want anything to do with her and she would often say that she felt it was time for the new baby to go back to the hospital. I'll always remember taking them to have their portrait done and Maddie would not sit close to Jamie and, certainly, she wasn't about to put her arm around her three month old sister. I had to sit there, just out of the frame and hold Maddie's arm around Jamie. That picture always makes me laugh now because I know the history behind it. Poor little Jamie - just a wee little thing - struggling to keep her head up straight while I held her up and held Maddie's arm around her just out of view.

Luckily, Maddie eventually got over her resentment of this new kid and they are now fast friends. In fact, they would be lost without each other. But, that probably took at least a couple of years of rocky roads to achieve.

So, a question I often get now that Lily-Pie has arrived is, "How do the girls feel about their new baby sister?"

I'll tell you...What a difference a year makes!!

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Leah said...

My kids are all two years apart and it worked amazingly well for us! I thought surely Emily was going to resent Jared, but she marched into that hospital room at 2years 3.5 weeks old and DEMANDED to hold her brother. And when the nurse took Jared to check his vitals again a few minutes later, Emily LOUDLY informed the entire hospital floor of her displeasure... When Connor was born, Jared was 2years 2weeks old and just grinned and grinned into Connor's face. Then he pretty much ignored him, minus a pat on the head every so often. Didn't NOT like him, just had other things to do in life than pay attention to a sleeping/eating baby. LOL

I'm glad to hear things went much more smoothly for you this time around, though!