Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lily Blooms

I've been having trouble keeping up with my blogging because I find it very difficult to type while holding a newborn baby. ;-)
And, I'm pretty much still holding her all the time. She is a very cuddly little baby and she doesn't really care for being put down anywhere. Even while you are holding her, and you think she is sleeping, she will crack open one eye ever so slightly just to make sure you are still there. It's pretty funny. But, she is in Daddy's arms right now so I can just pop in here long enough to update the blog a bit and then try to play some catch-up. I still have to re-do the header!! Little Lily-Pie isn't on there yet!

In the meantime...
Last week Lily-Pie turned One Month Old!

Happy One-Month Birthday, Baby!! ;-)

I took another picture of her in her car seat (the first was taken in the hospital just before she came home) so I can watch the difference in her as she grows. You can already see how much she has grown!! She is clearly taller and she is really quite a bit heavier now. Dave used to carry her in her car seat (around the grocery store, or wherever...) and he said he couldn't hardly even notice her in there at first. Now we have to remember to bring her stroller because she is getting too heavy to just carry around. Her next doctor's appointment is on Wednesday so it will be interesting to see just how much she does weigh now.
It's incredible how fast they grow.



I'm sorry, NAMK, but adorable little Lily Pie looks just like Mr. K. You are so blessed to have a baby you can cuddle with. Our girl wouldn't let us hold her.

Shan said...

Wow! What a difference. She is still totally adorable though.

Stephi said...

I love the picture of her in her snowsuit! Oscar likes to be cuddled and held after feedings too, until he falls asleep. I'm afraid we're creating a monster, but how can you resist?!!!