Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scrap Baby!

Hi all!!

I just finished the first page of my second digitial scrapbooking project for Lily-Pie. The first project was my "Annoucement/Thank-you" cards that I made to send out to all the people who helped us to welcome our little one into the world. I had to wait a bit to show the card because one person who reads this blog was due to get one. ;-)

I had made another page for Lily-Pie but then my brand new computer froze up on me and I lost it. Technology! Got to love it! Anyway, I'm sure I'll get another page done (and properly saved) soon and I'll post it once I do.
Here's the one titled "Your Name".


Shan said...

I loved loved loved the picture. As soon as I saw the envelope peeking out of the mailbox I said to Mike I bet it's a picture of the baby!! Adorable! thanks so much!!

Leah said...

those are both FANTASTIC!