Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Modelling Session

We took Lily-Pie to the photographer's today. We wanted to get one of those really cute baby photos done of her -- you know, the ones where the baby is lying butt naked and asleep on her tummy while lying on a stack of towels...or in a laundry basket...or something similar. The place where we were taking her does photos like that, but they do most of it using really cool looking graphics. This means, the baby doesn't actually lie on the stack of towels, or on the laundry basket, she just lies on a black surface and all the rest of the photo is put in by computer. The photos look really beautiful, and we thought this would be easy-peasy because Lily-Pie actually likes to sleep on her tummy. It's her favourite position for getting snuggly. So, we thought we would just have to get her to fall asleep on Dave's chest and then he could put her down onto the black blankie and the photographer could snap away. Only, there was no black blankie. There was only a little, tiny, piece of black rubber. It wasn't cozy, it wasn't comfy, and it wasn't warm. And, it wasn't anything that Lily-Pie was interested in posing on in her birthday suit.

We'd get her to sleep, but as soon as we put her down on that little piece of rubber she'd wake up and cry. Poor little kid. We tried for over an hour to get the shot (picking her up and rocking her to sleep, putting her down on the table, picking her up and rocking her back to sleep, putting her back down onto the table...) and it just wasn't going to happen. Finally Dave asked if we could, maybe, put one of our coats down on the table for her to lie on instead and once we did that we were able to get 4 pictures taken...with her awake...and on her side. It wasn't quite the quiet, calm, baby sleeping on her belly shot we were going for but I'm sure it will still be sweet. I just don't understand why they didn't at least have some cozy, black, towels or blankets for the baby to lie on. What little baby likes to be cold and naked?
Not Ours!

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Leah said...

I can't believe it was a piece of black rubber either. SHEESH!

and what a darling pic of her in the tub. LOL That little face!