Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Her Eat Cake!

So someone is mean to your baby...
what is a Mommy to do?

Bake her a cake, that's what!

Yesterday was Jamie's day off (she goes full days - 2 days one week, three days the next week) and after her rough time on the bus ride home the day before, I decided to spend the whole day just smothering her with Mommy love. We spent a lot of time doing her favourite thing in the whole wide world now - school work, and we sang a lot of songs (she taught me all the ones she is learning in school. It's amazing how much she remembers already), we went for a little walk together, and we baked a cake. Mommy really kinda' wanted pie (the baby bump has been requesting pumpkin pie for awhile now and I've yet to deliver on that one), but Jamie wanted cake.

I think she is going to be a chef when she grows up. She loves cooking and baking. Whenever Dave or I are at the stove she always comes running in asking if she can help.

Jamie also wanted to pretend it was her birthday so when it came time for dessert I put a little candle on top of the cake and let her make a wish and blow it out (wonder if she wished for dragon to come carry that mean boy away to a dungeon somewhere).

We let Maddie have a turn at the pretend birthday, too, and ended up with a couple of rounds of "Happy Birthday" on a day when it was no one's birthday.

Jamie is still looking forward to going back to school, but she has also requested that her Daddy go in to talk to the principal and that Mommy write a note to her teacher. She wrote her own note to the teacher today which consisted of a picture of her sitting on the bus with tears running down her face and the boy sitting beside her with a big smile on his face.

{OH! I almost forgot to mention...when Dave got Maddie off the bus yesterday he tried to see which kid it was that was mean to Jamie. He saw one boy sitting near the area they were sitting in, but he looked right out the window at Dave and "seemed like a nice kid". Then he looked into the sit ahead and the kid in that seat saw Dave looking and ducked down into his chair and then laid down flat across the bench hiding! I think it's a safe bet that was probably him.}


Shan said...

What a happy little baker you have there. Mommy love is the cure for just about everything.

Widney Woman said...

1. Great mommy!!
2. That cake looks yummy - What's cooking weds??
3. Nice 'letter'. I love it!
4. I am thinking some very not nice thoughts about that little butt head. Need to take a deep breath. I'm getting far too worked up over this. But you know, you mess with my friends' kid and you are messing with me. He is soooooo lucky I live so far away. He has no clue. I want to get Hand That Rocks the Cradle on his ...butt.