Thursday, August 21, 2008

See Jamie Ride the School Bus.

This past weekend (while I was at w.o.r.k.) Jamie took a very, very, exciting step in her little life. It was time for her first practice ride on the School Bus!

First she got to take a little class on school bus safety. She got lots of information and some fun coloring pages and watched a little Winnie the Pooh movie on School Bus Safety. She told me that Winnie the Pooh was eating honey on the bus, and you aren't supposed to. And Rabbit had a carrot and she dropped it on the road near the bus and your aren't supposed to pick up anything that falls down around the school bus.
"Because you will get squished". was time for the part she was waiting for! The part she has been waiting for for two years ever since Maddie took her first steps up into the bus. The part that was the coolest part of all! It was time for Jamie to get to ride the school bus!

I'm so excited!!! Can we go now, Dad?
How 'bout now???

Finally! THIS is the LIFE!
Better than a roller coaster, better than a Ferris's safe to say that was the best ride Jamie has ever taken.
{ baby is going to start school in less than a month! How can that BE?!?}


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Oh she is so cute. And it's nice that she'll have Maddie and Abby to keep an eye on her on the bus as well.