Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Fun - The WEEKEND Edition!

Mommy's weekend off was a great one! We had so much fun hanging out with the girls and, luckily, the weather was co-operating (most of the time).

Well, Friday wasn't that great because I spent the whole day cleaning the house and doing laundry [I have about 6 loads that are done - but not folded or put away (of course not) in my bedroom right now]. But on Saturday we all woke up, got ready, and headed to the new local breakfast joint, Cora's, for breakfast.
This place was packed! They must be making a killing. But, I heard many, many, people complain about how cold they keep it (some were saying that they must keep it that cold to insure a fast turn-around as there is always a line-up at the door). Dave even said it was too cold - so, there you go. The girls ordered off the kiddie menu and Maddie had Fruit Loops and Jamie had waffles. The kids get little coloring books and crayons to occupy them until breakfast is served and the price of the kids breakfast is very reasonable: about $4.50 including their drink. They make up for the reasonable kids prices with the outrageous prices for the grown-ups. A juice is $3.50 and my waffles were about $11.00. I got the banana waffles with chocolate hazelnut topping because I forgot to order this dish in Jamaica and it gets such great reviews that I thought I'd try it here. It was inedible. The waffle was completely soaked in this banana cream goop and then there were more bananas and chocolate on top. If it was just the bananas and the chocolate that would have been okay, but that goop that turned the entire waffle into mush was completely gross (I wish I had a picture for you, but I didn't have my camera at this point). was fun to go out for breakfast but $40 for an inedible (to me) breakfast in a cold, and crowded, restaurant is more than I'm willing to spend a second time.

After breakfast, and a bit of running around to get supplies so I can make some home-made bread, we all headed out to the local wading pool. Of course, the skies did turn black and open up with torrential rains as we headed there but, fortunately, we persevered and it did, in fact, clear up by the time we got there. The kids love the wading pool because it is deep enough to splash around in, but not so deep that they need their life jackets or us holding their hands the entire time. Maddie and Jamie like to go there because they always meet new friends to chat with. There was one little boy that came over and poured a cup of water over Jamie's head. Knowing Jamie...she would have clocked him had she not turned around to see how cute he was.

Once we were done playing at the wading pool we headed home for some dinner and then another round of swimming in our own pool. Dave goes in with the girls because the pool has never been above 80 degrees and it is, therefore, just too cold for me. Thank gawd men don't feel the cold (much like children don't) because the girls have so much fun in there with him. I'm a bit jealous that I don't get to play - but I just cannot get in past my knees when it is 76 degrees.

On Sunday morning I woke up to Maddie standing beside my bed with a lovely bowl of fresh fruit that Davey had made up for me. Ahhh. He's a keeper, I tell you. He then brought me scrambled eggs with ketch-up in the shape of a heart on top -- I kid you not. How cute is that? Of course, he will deny it if you ever ask him. I should have got a picture of that too! Ah well.

After breakfast we headed out for our big day-trip to Port Dalhousie.

They have the most beautiful carousel there - very old fashioned with the music playing and everything and it cost about 10 cents per ride. The kids could just go around, and around, all day and it wouldn't cost more than about 5 bucks! Can't beat that!

(I love this picture).

After a few rides we went to the change rooms and got the girls into their suits and headed out to the beach. The sand was so hot you had to wear your shoes to walk on it (I LOVE that) and the water is really shallow for quite a ways out so, again, it is perfect for the girls. They had such a great time and it was so much fun to watch them. Dave and I just sat at the edge of the water on the beach while he tried to get rid of his landscapers boot tan lines, and I contemplated taking off my shirt that covered my bathing suit top and showing off my ever-expanding baby bump (I decided against).

After a fun day at the beach we headed back home for some dinner and, guess what...another dip in the family pool. I'm surprised the girls aren't permanently pruney at this point!

(last pic. before heading can see the girls are freezing - but they would insist they were perfectly warm).
It was a really fabulous weekend. I'm so going to miss the summer.


Shan said...

oh I am so happy you had such a great weekend! You certainly deserve it. I figured the girls were in the pool the other night. I could hear them when I was watering my dying plants out front. Made me miss Abby.

Shan said...

ps... LOVE the last picture. So cute!!!

Widney Woman said...

Your kids are soooo cute!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and yes, Dave sure is a keeper. Good pick, NAMK.

Anonymous said...

Wait - you're neighbors with Shan? Oh you lucky, lucky girl!!!