Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Didn't I Realize That Before?

Look what Jamie James got in the mail! It's her "Welcome to Kindergarten" post-card and on the back her teacher has written all the details of her upcoming first days of school. Of course, Jamie was beyond the moon thrilled to not only get her own mail, but for the mail to be related to her going to school. Thrilled and beaming ear to ear. And, me? You know what? I didn't even get choked up. I was just excited for her, too. And, you know what? I was a little excited for me, as well.

A change is coming over me!

Maybe it's because I'm expecting another little one to be hanging around the nest soon. Or, maybe it's because Davey is rubbing off on me. But, all of a sudden, I'm actually having trouble remembering what I was getting so upset about. Jamie is so excited for this - no apprehension what-so-ever, so there is no concern there. And, it's only 2 days one week...and 3 days the alternate week - the rest of the time she is still home. And, you know what I just realized...I am going to have one day a week, guaranteed, to myself. O.M.G. The alternate week I will have TWO days to myself. I swear to you that this had not even occurred to me until just a couple of days ago. Why didn't I see that? That is going to be fantastic!

I haven't had a day to myself, where I wasn't either looking after the kiddos...or working...or frantically trying to get an assignment finished...since...since...uh...I actually can't remember that day. What am I going to do with myself? Woooooootttt!!! I'll tell you one thing, this house is going to get super organized. I am going to organize our office, I'm going to get the kids toy room moved downstairs, I'm going to decorate the baby's room, I'm going to spruce up the girls' room, I'm going to have lunch dates with my mommy friends, I'm going to get my hair cut, I'm going to go shopping for cool mommy clothes, I'm going to cook dinner and enjoy it, ahhhh...what WON'T I do?

So, I'll see ya' when you get home from school little Jamie-James. You and Mommy are going to have a GREAT time.

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Shan said...

Yep, you better take advantage of the Mommy time while you can!!