Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Fun - The Beach Edition (Port Dover).

I've already told you about the fun beach in Port Dalhousie, and the super cool carousel they have there (which the kids get to go on for five cents a ride), that we like to bring the girls to. But, yesterday we decided to check out the beach in Port Dover for a change.

It was a beautiful day yesterday: about 28 degrees and sunny. So, after getting a bunch of groceries (I've vowed to actually create a dinner every night this week with the help of Sandi Richard), we packed up the bathing suits, and towels, and the camera and headed out.

First stop was the obligatory photo under the lighthouse.

Then it was over to the sand to pick out a primo location on the beach. The girls wasted no time getting into the water. Thank goodness for Davey, because that water was waaaayyy too choppy for them to go in by themselves. I didn't even bother wearing my suit this time. The belly is getting way too big and while I actually kind of think it's cute (and brave) when I see other pregnant girls on the beach in their swimsuits, I just ain't that daring.

Off they go!

Wave "Hi" to Mom!

{See how choppy the water is? The girls just LOVED it. They were trying to jump over the waves and they were, apparently, just shrieking with delight. Dave was actually worried about how loud they were screaming - but, unlike when they are just screaming their little heads off in the pool here at home, the sounds of the waves, and the winds, and the seagulls, and all the other kids screaming their little heads off just drowned them out}

Time to come out for a bit...

and work on some sand castles.

The nice thing about Port Dover is that you are facing south at the beach so it is very nice and sunny. That, and it doesn't stink of fish...which is always nice.

After a few more dips in the lake we decided to take a little stroll around town and check out the shops. We got some french fries for a snack and then discovered this really pretty "guard pig" outside a jewelry store.

Then Jamie did some modelling for me by the clock.

Maddie decided to get in on that action and slowly worked her way into the frame.

{If you look carefully you can see that poor little Jamie has given up and is walking away from the clock now...}
Then, as the skies grew dark (as they pretty much have at some point every day this summer), we headed back to the truck. Just enough time left to stop for a cone!
Maddie had "bubblegum" which was a shocker. I thought she hated the taste of bubblegum!
{NO...Dave does not wear a pinky ring! That is just the key ring around his baby finger.}
{You can tell the skies have clouded over because the photos are started to look much better! I like this one of Jamie with her Cherry flavoured cone, which I was gracious enough to help her "clean up" every once in awhile when the ice cream started melting down the sides}. ;-)
And then...it was time to head back home. Our Family Fun Day at the beach was finished.
And so were the girls!

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