Monday, July 28, 2008


Today was a very, very, very, exciting day.

Today was my first ultrasound for little Baby K.

I was so nervous beforehand because I haven't had the opportunity to hear the heartbeat, yet. I know that the chances of anything bad happening decrease drastically after you hear that heartbeat. So, when the sonographer first started scanning around on my belly I had my head cranked trying to see her screen. There was the baby! Such an excited moment. It all becomes so much more real once you actually get to see the baby on that little monitor. I could see the head, and the body and even some arms and legs, fingers and toes - but I couldn't see that flickering heartbeat. I had to ask her: "Is the baby's heart beating? I can't see it". She quickly said, "Oh, yes. See - there it is". She moved the wand a bit and then I could see it - clear as day - pumping away. What a huge relief! She said, "158" (that was the heart rate).

The baby was very comfy c0zy and laid pretty still for a lot of the scan. The lady asked me to cough (so I did). Then she asked me to cough, again. I said, "Are we trying to get the baby to move?" Yep. And, the second cough did it. She said, "Oh, that woke the baby up!" and you could see the little one moving all over the place. Then, the cutest thing...hiccups! I could see the baby hiccuping clear as day.

I think they've really improved the equipment because I could see everything so well (the picture is about the same as always, but the image on the screen was really good). Once the tests and measurements were done the lady went to call Dave into the room. "Well, is it one or more than one?" he asked. Just one, honey! Just seems like my belly is getting bigger, faster, this time around, but maybe that's more from the late night ice cream than from the baby (side note: I've ordered two preggo-girl work-out DVD's and shall be starting my preggo-girl fitness routine as soon as I get them. I got one yoga one, and one general work-out one).

The lady who did the ultrasound this time around was so nice, too. Believe it or not, I've had some real witches in the past. Which, to this day, still shocks me. How can you be rude and miserable to a pregnant lady who is coming in to see her baby for the first time? It's unbelievable. I got a real ordeal once about getting a photo and the woman was just BRUTAL. I'll never forget that. I didn't mention it, but apparently Dave hasn't forgotten either. He even mentioned how nice this lady was. Super friendly and happy and just really nice. She showed lots of views of the baby and explained what everything was and gave us a nice chance to see. It was just amazing. Then she gave us our photo.

Meet Little Baby K!

(I know I promised a post about my new toy and that will come soon...hopefully tomorrow...but for now...nothing tops this). What a fan-freaking-tastic day.


Shan said...

Awww that is one adorable baby K! The first picture is always the best isn't it?

As for the new toy, since I had a sneak peak last night... very cool! Mike was also very impressed!

Tracey said...

COOL PICTURE!!! Do we know boy or girl yet?

Widney Woman said...

So happy for the K clan! I can hardly wait to meet Baby K!!!!

Well, okay. I still need to meet Daddy K, Big Sis K, and Lil Sis K. But I've met Mommy K - back when she was a Lil Sis M. Doesn't it feel like we've met each other's spouse and kiddos?

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Thanks Shan. :)

Hi Tracey! Nope...don't know if he is a he or she is a she, yet. Too early to know -- but I do go back for another ultrasound around 20 weeks so hopefully we'll find out then.

Hey Mony,
Thanks! And, yes, I do feel like I know all your family now - which is really nice. I wish Robyn and Vicky had blogs! It's great for staying connected even when you don't get to see each other much anymore.