Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost Done, Bun.

I'm almost done my course!

Today is the last Friday I have off work for working on my Landscape Design work.
I just got my mark back for my last assignment: 98%
My teacher wrote in the comments, "Really nice work!".


I'm such a geek. That makes me entirely too happy.

This last assignment, though, is worth 25% of our total mark and it's had my stomach flipping for days because it actually seems to be a lot easier than anything else we've had to do. It's just a finalization of an earlier project: adding in actually figures for trees and shrubs (instead of just using representational circles), and hatching in walkways, and noting elevational differences...that sort of thing. It shouldn't be too bad. But, that's what scares me.

Why is it worth 25%?!

Ah well...
I just have to do my best and then I am free for the rest of the summer.

And I'll enjoy it too...because I'll have my latest toy to play with this afternoon.

I'll show you a pic. of that tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

(it would be easier to work if my little bun-bun wasn't coming over and scratching on my legs, butting me with her nose, and generally scaring the **** out of me every few minutes.)

"Sorry, Chloe. Mommy has to do her homework right now".


Shan said...

Woo hoo! Awesome score. I'm sure you'll kill the last assignment as well. Can't wait to see the latest toy!

Widney Woman said...

Way to go, NAMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did great on everything thus far, you'll ace the rest!