Thursday, June 5, 2008

Culture Club

Maddie's class had something called "Culture Day" the other day at school. They were supposed to bring something in to their class that would represent their culture and speak a little bit about their culture. I was a little bit dumb-founded on this one to be honest because, well, we are Canadian. There aren't really any big cultural symbols for our family, or special rights-of-passage, or major traditions that are terribly different from anyone else's, or anything like that. I was so confused, in fact, that I made Dave call his mom (former grade school teacher) to see if she had done something like this in her class before and to find out just what, exactly, were they looking for?? Of course, she wasn't home and, of course, I had waited until the last minute to deal with this one.

So, I figured...I guess they want Maddie to speak about her heritage...?

Well, I know that a majority of my ancestors came from Ireland (although my grand-mother was born in England) and my maiden name was Irish. The majority of Dave's ancestors are also from Ireland and my married name is also Irish. So, I guess I'm looking for a shamrock. Although, what my poor child is supposed to say about the whole deal is really beyond me.

I found a pair of gold, shamrock, earrings that my mother gave to me a long time ago and I quickly showed them to Maddie as she was on her way out the door to catch the school bus.

Here, honey. Take these. They are shamrocks. They are Irish. Your ancestors were Irish. Can you remember that? And, if they want you to talk about traditions, just tell them what you do for Christmas and Thanksgiving and stuff. Oh, and St. Patrick's day. You could mention St. Patrick's day. That's an Irish holiday. Ok. Ok? Remember...Ireland. Ok. Get going. Have a good day! I love you!!! Bye Sweetie!!!

That was Maddie's 15 second lesson on her ancestry, and her culture.

I don't know.
I wanted to send her with a maple leaf.
Dave wanted to send her with some beer and a potato.
Not a shining moment in parenthood for us, I suppose.

So, anyway...

I asked Maddie how it went and what she ended up saying, and she said that she told the class where we were from and she told them that I make really good dinners.

Oh. Okaaaay. Well, thanks sweetie.

Then she asked me if I lived in a straw house when I was little.

A straw house?!

No, honey. I lived in a brick house...just like the house we have now. Why would you think I lived in a straw house??

Because you lived on an Island.

An Island?!??

{short pause of silence while I try to decipher what my little kiddo could possibly be thinking}

Not and island, honey...Ireland.

I have a feeling that being a fly on the wall during these "Culture Day" presentations would have been hilarious.


Tracey said...

I used to live in NH and we went to Canada about giving her SNOW or a LARGE MOSQUITO or A BOOK WRITTEN IN FRENCH .... boy I am filled with great ideas!!!

Widney Woman said...

LOL. I should not have read your blog. It is 1:40 am. I should be in bed. My family is. We live in a loft so there are no ceilings over the bedrooms. Literally, you had me laughing out loud and trying to be quiet. I'm off to bed. Thanks. I'm sure to have sweet dreams of the lush, rolling hills of Ireland. Or bad dreams of being chased by a leprechun - did I spell it right Irish girl?