Friday, June 13, 2008

30 Kisses.

Just a quick post today because I just can't stand to let another day go by without posting anything. It makes me feel too guilty. Why? I don't know. I think I must like to flatter myself that there are all these hundreds of people whose days are just not the same without a new blog-post by myself. {kidding!}. So, I just want to explain that I have a whole whack of things on the go right now. I'm working on a top secret project for Maddie's teacher, and I am trying to get caught up in my landscape design course, and I have another little all-encompassing thing going on which I can't even talk about yet...and it's kinda' all I want to talk about! So, all these things together are conspiring to make my blog pretty quiet lately. Please bare with will become more lively soon. Promise.

I can tell you this much, though...

I did get 30 kisses from Jamie yesterday.

This is pretty incredible because Jamie is pretty darn stingy with her kisses. Maddie will lay one on ya' any old time, but not Jamie. She'll just present you with her cheek...if you are lucky. But, yesterday, before Dave was even home from work I was already up to 10 kisses. She pointed this out to him very matter-of-factly,

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. Mommy has gotten 10 kisses today.

He didn't even believe it so she went on to kiss me 20 more times right there and then just to prove it.

I wonder why I was so far into her good books yesterday? Was it the multiple games of "Shoots and Ladders"? Was it the finger painting that spread far past the paper and all over the table? Was it the Play-doh that got all mixed up together, filled with hair, and dropped into little bits and pieces all over the floor that then ended up embedded in my shoes before I could sweep it all up? Was it the marathon (almost 1 hour) bike ride that I spent hunched over and pushing her because it was getting too hot for her to bother with pedaling anymore? Was it the sidewalk chalk drawing? The horsey rides around the house? The flower collecting?

Who knows...but it was a lot of work to earn those 30 kisses.

Worth it, though...and at the risk of sounding overly mushy...better than any other pay cheque I've ever gotten.


Shan said...

Awww how cute. That's was definitely worth 30 kisses. Maya can be pretty stingy with the kisses as well. Then out of the blue she dumps a whole lot on you.

And I miss when you don't post. A lot!

Widney Woman said...

You're pregnant! Congratulations!! I am thrilled for you!

So, did you do ALL of those things in 1 (ONE) day? The bike ride, the chalk, the playdough, the watercolours and stuff? One day? I'm new to this 100% SAHM thing, so I need to know what I'm supposed to be doing all day.