Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night

I wasn't sure if we would make it. It all depended on when the hubs got home from work. But, Jamie was sure hoping we would go. As soon as she came in the front door after school she was screaming, "Meet the teacher night! Meet the teacher night! Can we go?! Can we?!".

To be honest, I always kind of feel like, "What's the point"? I mean, we've already, usually, met the teacher. And we've usually seen the classroom. And it's too early in the school year for the teacher to give us any real input as to how the kiddos are doing. But, the girls sure love it.

They love showing off their work.

And their desks.

And, of course, their teachers.

They get so excited about it all and are always so happy when we are there that, in the end, it's always a great time. And, i remembered, sharing in their excitement for education is the whole point.

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