Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Five for Jamie.

My Little Jamie James just recently turned 5. We had a little family party on the actual day and then a class friend's party later on. I've been pretty busy with that and a couple of photo shoots, etc., etc., but I didn't want to forget to list...

Five Things that I LOVE about my Jamie...
in honour of her 5th Birthday.

1) Sense of Humour: Jamie is the funniest little kid I've ever met. She has such a great sense of humour and she loves to make people laugh. She tells jokes, makes funny faces, does her patented "funny run" (this little run, wiggle, thing that only she can do...and it makes me burst out laughing every time she does it). It is pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood when Jamie is around. I love that about her.

2) Kindness: Jamie is also the most sensitive kid I've ever met and every time I see her go up to some other child who is upset, or hurt, and put her arm around them, it makes my heart swell with pride. She does this totally without being self-aware. It is not something she does because she thinks she should or to get "points", it is completely automatic. She genuinely cares about other people. She has a huge heart. I love that about her.

3) Intelligence: Jamie is as smart as a whip. I'm not even just saying that because I am biased (which, of course, I am). I just got Jamie's report card yesterday and while the teacher's don't give out A's or B's or C's anymore (they are still letters...but they are different...and it's kind of confusing...they're like...X's and Y's and T's...??) let me just say that she got the equivalent of Straight A's! Her teacher told me that she has "absolutely no concerns about Jamie". She said that she is a "joy" to teach and that Jamie always comes to school with such enthusiasm and she is very quick to learn new things. She told me that she is "amazed" by Jamie's reading ability and that she has often seen Jamie pick up a book that they've never read before and she will listen to Jamie read the whole thing all by herself...sounding out the words and getting them all right. She was so amazed by Jamie's reading that she sent her over to another classroom of older kids and had her read a book to their class. They were all impressed, too! Then she went on to mention how kind Jamie is and how she is always helping out the other students and she is a friend to everyone. So, of course, I nearly started to cry right there and then in the middle of the classroom. I'm just so proud of her.

4) Beauty: is it okay if I throw this one in there? I mean, she is just so pretty and she has the biggest, bluest, eyes in the whole wide world. I would still love her if she wasn't so darn adorable, of course, but I just can't help but mention that she is. You know. So. Darn. Adorable.

5) Five. My Jamie is Five. I love that she is five because five is the age at which I can best remember me as being me. I don't remember 4 or 3 or certainly not 2...but I can remember five. And now Jamie is there, too. At the age where her memories will remain clear...forever. Knowing this I want to make doubly sure that those memories are good ones. I want to give her lots of things to be excited about. Lots of things to laugh about. Lots of things to learn, and see, and do. Because she is my Jamie. And that is my most favourite thing about her.

I'm so lucky that she is mine.

I love you, Jamie James.
(times 5 Hundred Gabillion).


Shan said...

Happy birthday Miss Jamie James!!!

pixielation said...

Happy Birthday to your Jamie! (And my Jamie will be 6 in March!)

Heather said...

I love your Jamie James too! :)