Friday, November 13, 2009

Knowing Me - Knowing You: November Edition.

It's that time once again... time for that monthly interview project started by my friend Shan over at Tales from The Fairy Blogmother - Knowing Me, Knowing You.

1. What's your strategy for gift giving this Christmas?
I think this year (with me coming to the end of my mat. leave and, therefore, our savings coming to the end of...uh...existence) we will really, really, need to set a budget and stick to it. The hubs is super big on the girls having "lots and lots" of shiny packages waiting under the tree for them on Christmas morning and I think it is very sweet that he thinks that...but I think we should really make the day more about our family and togetherness this year. I think if we discuss this with the girls in advance, let them know that we only have so much to spend on presents but, because Mommy won't have to work Christmas day this year, we can spend the whole day together, as a family, doing lots of fun stuff. Really, the unwrapping lasts only about 2.5 minutes anyway...regardless of the number of presents!

2. How do you feel about the holiday newsletter?
I'd love to get one! I'd even like to write one. But, really, who would i send it to? The people I care about already know everything there is to know about me and my family...and the people I don't care about...well, I don't think they want my newsletter.

3. What's your favourite board game?
I really like pictionary. I fancy myself as an artist which makes me love this game. However, I fancy myself an artist which makes me truly suck at this game. I mean, I want to do all kinds of shading and shadowing and I like to work on dimension and perspective...kinda' makes the ol' time run out before I've finished anything recognizable. ha ha! But, really, I think a game night would be fun. I'm hoping to get an invite to Shan's "Night at the Bal-derdash". ;-) {subtle hint?}

4. What's your favourite cold weather comfort dish?
Hmmm...Oh! SOUP! Davey's soup! He makes some really, really, fabulous soups! He made one last year that had sweet potato and curry and I don't know what else. It was soooooo good. I've been begging him for more ever since, but he can't even remember exactly how he made it. He needs to start writing his recipes down. Then I could turn them into a book. And you'd wanna' buy it! And I'd get rich! Really, he's very good at making soup.

5. What is your favourite new show this season?
Are there any new shows on this season? What about the old ones! I'm still waiting for American Idol to come on! What's the hold up? And, what happened to Rescue Me?! I waited forEVER for that show to come back on and they gave me, what, like 8 kinda' stupid episodes (sorry, Tommy...I mean Denis...but, really, it was not the best season. Not. Even. Close). At least I still have Dexter. Man, that show is good...but I really, really, wish they didn't kill off Lundy. sigh. I've also, finally, discovered The Office. Steve Carrell is adorable. He reminds me of a male me. We are very similar people, I think. Is that bad?

Thanks for the fun again this month Shan...
although each one of these reminds me of how little time I have left off work with my baby.

If you'd like to join in head on over to the home of the Fairy Blogmother right HErE!



I would buy a soup book from Davey.

Shan said...

Ohhh got a nibble. Guess I better plan a balderdash night!!