Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ask Me Anything!

{This is me. Right now. Hair not combed. Not a stitch of make-up. Coffee in hand in my favourite Pepe la Peu cup. My teeth aren't even brushed yet! Yep. The Real Me. More of that to come...}.

By the way...

I just had my 200th post!!


That is all the more exciting because it was ~actually~ about my 275th post.


Well, you see, there was that whole period of time when I was pregnant, and having serious problems with my back, but didn't know why (turns out I have a wonky uterus and I was carrying the baby all on one side of me...which I knew a little bit about, but not the whole story...which was probably a good thing...cuz apparently it was pretty fantastic I even got pregnant in the first place...let alone carrying 3 babies to 38 weeks...) and I was all grumpy and miserable. And, then, our country plumbing went totally on the fritz for a serious amount of time so we couldn't wash dishes, brush our teeth, have a shower, or flush a toilet. Certainly, bigger problems in the world, which is something I would remind myself of over and over...and, yet, when you are 8 months pregnant and using a port-a-potty in your own home and wondering where on earth you are going to bath your new baby when she comes home...your focus tends to get a bit...myopic.

So, anyway, ya...that was a big ol' whine fest and I felt really bad about being such a whiner. So, what did i do? I erased ALL THOSE POSTS!

I felt better about it at the time. No one wants to listen to someone complain on a blog. But, now, I kind of regret it. It was a part of our life. A part of my pregnancy. Things I was feeling -- even if they weren't all dusted off and prettied up. That was me.

Sometimes I think Mommy bloggers pretty things up a bit too much. Gawd forbid you should let anyone know that, sometimes, you are miserable and grouchy and self-centered. Not me. Certainly not me.

So, I would like to celebrate this bloggy milestone (whether that's 200 posts or 275 posts) by opening up my in-box to your questions and I'll let you know more about the real me. Much like my friend Widney Woman does from time to time...ask me anything and I'll try to answer your questions as honestly as possible. Of course, I may only get 2 questions...but that's okay. If you are a lurker...please let me know and come on out and ask a question!!

I thought of doing a 200 things about me post or maybe just a 20 things about me post...but I'm never sure what to say.

So ask away!!!

And, thanks for reading by blog.



You had a destination wedding. Did your families meet you there?

Can you tell us your love story?

If you could live in any city, anywhere, where would it be?

Shan said...

I hear you live in a pretty cool town. You must have some incredible neighbours, which one is your favourite?

How did you get to be such a rock star?

Do you meal plan or fly by the seat of your pants?

What's your favourite spot in the house?