Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Purse Meme

The Fairy BlogMother did a post a long time ago about a purse meme that her pal Leah had started. I thought this was a great idea for me to get in on - since my purse was so full of stuff that I didn't even know what I had in there anymore.

Lots of papers. That's pretty much all I could tell.

Oh dear. Lots of mess. What is all that stuff?

An organized mess.

So, let's see...
  • some fruit strips for the kids if they were to get hungry (I deduce this woman is a mommy).
  • some candy that was handed to us at the Canada Day Parade (further evidence).
  • an empty "Jelly Belly" container - I thought I should keep it because I could refill it with jelly beans and put it in the girls' lunch as a treat.
  • Three toothbrushes. Yep. I had three toothbrushes in my purse (this woman must have braces or something).
  • Oh, and there is my urine specimen container (and she is pregnant). Not used. Don't worry.
  • A little plastic, toy mirror. Never know when you are going to need one of those.
  • Some packets of Splenda, some Tim Horton's gift certificates, and a "free coffee" from the "Roll up the Rim" campaign (Has...or has had in the past...a rather significant addiction to coffee).
  • A medical requisition form - ultrasound and blood work.
  • A calendar from my dentist's office.
  • Oh, and my passport. Good place to keep it. (She is also likely to jot off to Paris at a moment's notice - very devil-may-care kind of personality).
  • Some spare change and my keys...but...funnily wallet (apparently expects her husband to pay for everything all the time - or she relies on the kindness of strangers).

Oh dear.

Well, the detective work would have been fairly bang on...up until the last couple of items.

Clearly, this purse over-haul was long overdue.

Much better! Now I have my wallet in there and my keys and I have pared it down to one toothbrush. But, I still can't fit my nice, big, day timer in there...or my camera. Every good mommy must carry a small digital in her purse for those surprise, super cute, moments you know. Only one answer that I can think of...
Meet my new purse. Isn't she pretty? They just happened to be selling purses at work one Friday (they sell things outside of the cafeteria fairly regularly...for some reason. It's usually jewelry, or pj's, or books, or stuff for kids, sometimes even scrubs...this week it happened to be purses!).
Now I can fit my wallet, my toothbrush, my keys, my day timer, and my camera in there no problem...and still have room for my passport. Paris here I come! Oh la la.


Paula said...

Love it! Love it!

Thanks for visiting me and your kind words. Meant even more to me when I came over and read your blog and saw that it is so witty and smart. Love all the pictures, love the purses, so great. I'll be back for sure. :o)

Shan said...

I love your new purse. It's so pretty!!

Widney Woman said...

Nice purse! Thanks for making me feel better about my purse. Right now, I am switching between 2 purses and it is not a pretty sight. Hmmm...maybe this might be my Tackle it Tuesday!