Friday, April 26, 2013

High Time for an Update!

I am amazed, once again, that I even figured out how to log into this blog. I just cannot keep up a blog! I tried to write my entries on my iPhone, but it would put my pictures way far apart (as seen in post below with Colie at the park) and logging on to my computer just seems to take too much time. That and I've been trying to keep up with my photography website (which I'm not even very good at doing!). But, I just couldn't leave this blog like this! Just all scary and full of worry!! I want to say that Jamie is fine. Well, she still has some issues with her eyes, but after a few month in hell she came out the other side okay and for that I am eternally grateful! Just wanted to let you know (anyone who came here and wondered). :)

As you can see, we also got a new addition to the family. I lost my ~beloved~ rescue corgi in November and I just couldn't get by without a corgi in my life. But, he (being a pound puppy) never had his tail docked and I REALLY did not want to PAY someone to cut off my dog's the long search for an undocked corgi began. I started off by contacting local rescue groups, and then by contacting not-so-local rescue groups, and then by searching all the rescue groups in North America, but I couldn't find a corgi for me. So then I looked into responsible breeders (who don't breed constantly, do all health checks, and are willing to take back the dog...for the life of the dog...if anything should that we don't have any more dogs going into shelters), but none of these were willing to not chop my puppy's tail off. Then, finally, someone put me in contact with someone who had the ~only~ responsibly breed, corgi, with a tail, in the U.S. or Canada. Literally. She was already almost 9 months old and all her litter mates had already found homes. I'm not entirely sure why she was still waiting (was it because of her super-cool blue eye?!), but I was so glad. I scooped her up and she took a big plane ride to come live with us. And, can I just tell you that she is the greatest dog in the world? She is such a gentle soul and she loves the girls. She is just best friends with "the baby" and follows her around all the time (even sleeping under her bed at night). I love her SO much and she was another great gift that came out of great sadness last year. 

Oh, and speaking of "the baby". She will be starting Kindergarten this September. Yep. That's right. My baby will be going to school all day, every day, starting in just over 4 months. All drama aside, I can tell you right now...that ain't gonna' play well. Oh, she'll be's me I'm worried about. I don't handle change, or aging, or the change that comes with aging well. The fact that Harrison Ford is in his 70's can just about bring me to tears. Corey Hart is 50. Madonna has had a face-lift. I just can't take much more. So, there is bound to be either lots of drinking or lots of working out coming up in my future (maybe a bit of both...hopefully I stick to the healthier modes of dealing with it all).

What with her leaving me as she trots off to school with her two big sisters and all...I've been thinking seriously of taking a little hiatus from my photography business. I just don't want any other deadlines or things I have to get done hanging over my head. I want to enjoy my time with them and I want to be free to spend my time with them. I also want to spend my photography time on them. I have been doing a fair amount of work lately that is more based on what my clients want (understandably...since it is a business and not a hobby) versus what I want, or like...and I'm thinking I may need to modify that. Since I do not depend on my photography for my living (I also still work as a Veterinary Technician/Animal Nurse), I feel like I have the luxury of doing things how I I probably should. I may need to spend some time modifying my portfolio to show the kind of work I like to do (lifestyle) versus the kind of work that is always in demand (posed) so that people know what I like to do and they can go ahead and not hire me. Ha!

I just now signed up for a little online photography course over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's all about finding your style. I think I pretty much know my style, already, but I just think I need to spend a little time focusing (so to speak) on that so I can...I don't know...refresh my love of picture taking. I do love it, so much! Just, you know, not so much when I'm curling a baby up into a basket that's laying on it's side with a bumpy textured blanket spilling out onto the studio backdrop. Blech. 

That reminds me...anyone want to buy $1,000,000 worth of studio backdrops and lighting? 

Okay! So...I think that gets us all caught up. :)
Maybe I'll post some photos here when my class starts. Who knows? It's just that photos on here are so small. Maybe I should start a real Mommy Project photo blog. That might be fun. We'll see. Whatever I decide, I'll be sure to update you sometime within the next decade or so...knowing me. 

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