Friday, February 29, 2008

Craft Project : Who doesn' t love a chalkboard?

I just love "country-style" decorating. I love farm animals, and cozy warm colors, and old chunky furniture made from real wood. And, I love chalkboards! There is one in my girls' toy-room (of course) and there is one in my entranceway and there is one in my kitchen...and now there is (sort of) one in the hall that holds mittens and hats!

This was Mommy's spontaneous little craft project for the week.

I went to "Lowes" to pick up the wallpaper that we ordered ages ago that had finally come in (but, that's another story) and while I was picking up the "TSP" to clean the wall I noticed, in among the spray paint cans, a can of...Chalkboard Spray Paint! How cool is that? So, then I had to go looking around the store for something, anything, I could spray chalkboard paint on to. I found this nice galvanized steel bin with handles and, even, aeration slits in the sides that I thought would make a perfect place for the kids to toss their mittens and hats. exciting!

As soon as I got home I taped off the little rectangle area on the front (putting newspaper all around it) and I primed, painted, and then gave a second coat. It was so easy to make and lots of fun and I kind of love it! In the summer I can just erase the chalk and write, "Skipping ropes, balls, and sidewalk chalk".

Ohhhhh...sidewalk chalk.
I wish we had a paved driveway: I'd be out there all summer!


"That's my name, don't wear it out!"